Paris: Transportation

On our Paris Trip we only used public transit and our legs to get us everywhere we needed to go. Kaiya, who came up and read that sentence as I was typing it said, I need to say: “We got very tired of all the walking.” And that was true. With four kids ages 3-9, this was a lot of walking for little kids and a lot of carrying kids too.

We averaged about 8-10 miles of walking per day according to our watches, and it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever done with my children. I’m used to my kids, and ‘hiking’ with my kids. To me the word ‘hiking‘ is interchangeable with ‘dragging them along while one of them has a massive fit because he or she can’t walk a step further‘. So pretty much, it went how I expected it would. There were hard times, but all in all, they pleasantly surprised me. Additionally, we forgot our stroller. I wish we hadn’t done that.

The plane ride there was great. Anchorage to Seattle, then Seattle to Paris.

This was our first time on an international plane. We sat 2×2, and I wouldn’t do that again. I’d go for one of the middle sections and sit in one row.

When we arrived at the Paris airport, mostly smiles.

Public transit was amazing once I got over the fear of the kids falling into the tracks.

Stuart found this military looking vehicle on one of our walks and wanted a picture with it.

Just a moment on a walk.

And on our way home, the tram in the Seattle Airport.

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