Camping at LaDaSa

This whole summer had flown by and we hadn’t been camping at Camp LaDaSa. So we decided to go the last weekend before school started. We drove straight from the Back to School night where the kids got to find out their teachers. (Thomas got who he was hoping for, and Kaiya didn’t get her first pick.)

We love to camp here, because we don’t camp that often and don’t have all the gear. This camp is gorgeous, beautifully maintained, has cabins, play equipment, and fire pits with grills, and a lake with all the toys. So basically we can have all the fun without having all the stuff.

We found the beautiful camp, peaceful and waiting for us. We also had two families meeting us, and they were already there. I wish we would have come to LaDaSa more often this summer, but it’s too late, now it’s over!

It’s amazing how much stuff we require, especially since we don’t even have all of the gear a lot of people do.

We promptly began roasting marshmallows. It’s the main reason the kids and I camp. So we always have s’mores every night of camping.

There fire danger was extremely high, so we were cautioned to only build very small fires, and only for cooking.

The next day we went out on the lake. I think Liz snapped the picture of James and I on the paddleboat. Stuart was on the back too. It was a gorgeous day!

We could see Denali so clearly, we had to get a picture. Although it looks like a blur in the distance, it was actually very vivid and gorgeous. We were glad to see it since we couldn’t see it last weekend while we were in Denali National Park.

Afterwards we sprawled out in the sun and hung out, having good conversation with friends. Stuart took the opportunity to be naked, because it’s his favorite way to be, and since it was only our few families, I allowed it.

The camp missionaries, are so sweet and kind. They really do a good job of maintaining and improving the camp, always with a cheerful attitude. They invited all of us to dinner and even made us shave ice for dessert.

Over night, it got cold, and we all woke up freezing. It felt like winter had come in the night, and it wasn’t like that the night before. So we got up and made a hot breakfast.

Campfire cooking is so delicious. I really think the food is my favorite activity and my sole motivation for camping.

The kids seem to eat more when we are camping too.

We visited Willow Ward while we were there too. I love the Willow building, and the ward family atmosphere. They are a very sweet and genuine people.

Then we headed home. As we were leaving, I gathered up all our water bottles. When I saw them sitting there, ready to go I thought it was a cute representation of our family right now.

Naomi took a nice family photo for us to always remember this camping trip.

And we were off, on our journey home. I think we were all worn out from the lack of sleep. And all satisfied we at least made it to LaDaSa once this summer.

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