Thunderbird Falls

We try to hike Thunderbird Falls every summer. It’s a nice relaxed hike for little ones, which just makes it easy.

Except there is a huge cliff on one side of the trail for some of the way so I always get scared someone is going to trip and fall, but luckily it has never happened and I am really just worrying about nothing.

We made it to the lookout and as usual, the kids weren’t keen on having our picture taken.

We all love the lookout, and for years that is as far on this hike as we went.

In 2015 we went down to the river for the first time, and found a living tree with a hollow trunk to take a picture in.

Apparently we didn’t go in 2016 or didn’t take a picture. I don’t remember that far back. Which is precisely why I am blogging now… so I don’t let our memories slip away with time.

Here my cute babies are in 2017:

And in 2018:

Which brings us to this year:

I wonder how long this tree will stand with a hollow inside, and how long my babies will fit in the trunk…

It was a nice time, with nice weather. When it was time to go, Stuart and I were last and he noticed a salmon in the river. It was the highlight of his hike.

Kaiya and Chase raced to the front on the way back. When I caught up to them they were cuddled. I wish they showed love like this more often.

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