Byron Glacier

I have lived in Alaska 20 years and never hiked Byron Glacier, so I was so excited to take my kiddos! This trail was so easy that even Stuart was able to keep up.


Chase is absolutely tired of looking at the camera for pictures. I can’t blame him, part of my reason for starting to blog was to help myself remember to take pictures. Before I started doing this I could scroll through my pictures and have weeks or months of gaps where I hadn’t taken any pictures at all.

And of course this “easy to me hike” wiped Kaiya out, I love her insta-drama skills!

When we made it to the glacier the first thing the kids wanted to do was touch the snow, which cracked me up since we live in Alaska, and snow is definitely not a novelty, and the summers are definitely not long enough to miss it.

Chase wanted a picture on top of the “big mountain.”

So naturally Stuart wanted a turn too.

All in all it was a good day of fun!

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