Alaska Botanical Garden Summer Camp

Thomas attended Alaska Botanical Garden Summer Camp this summer. Each session is a week long and we opted for the half day option of the Growing Gardeners session. He really really enjoyed it! I snapped a picture each day when we picked him up:

Day 1:
He brought home some pansies they planted.

Day 2:
They created a miniature forest out of tiny spruce starts. We intend to move these babies outside to add to the “forest” that surrounds our home.

Day 3
It was super rainy, but they were still able to garden in the greenhouse, which is massive.

Day 4
They created planters. I thought these looked a little interesting but they turned out super cool!

 Day 5:
He brought home his planter full of all kinds of stuff. He was asking if he could go next week too, but unfortunately we had stuff going on. I will try to enroll him into another session if we have time this summer. 

Here are some close ups of what he brought home:

Activity Review: Alaska Botanical Garden Summer Camp
There were so many things I liked about this camp. The price was very reasonable, least expensive camp I’ve seen in Anchorage. They have a half-day option for even less money your camper can go from 9:00-12:30. This was great because then we could still go on other adventures in the afternoon. The Alaska Botanical Gardens are expansive, so he spent the days active, roaming the area. Hands on creative activities were offered every day, with experiences I couldn’t replicate at home. (That’s why I pay for camp, so he can get new experiences I don’t offer.)

The class was small, seven children he said. His camp leader was fabulous! I tend to be picky about adults I let my children spend time with. I’m always hoping for a genuine person who I’d want my child to look up to. I’d describe him as calm, knowledgeable, and delighted by kids. He seemed to truly enjoy teaching the kids and spending time with them. The only downside, (which isn’t a downside if you don’t have three small children), is the camper pick-up is a little ways into the garden, so it usually took me about 30 minutes total to wrangle all the other kids through the garden to pick up Thomas. If you’re by yourself though, the short walk through the garden is a peaceful enjoyable journey. Bottom line: I would absolutely¬†recommend the Alaska Botanical Garden Summer Camp.

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