Independence Day

This year we all dressed up patriotically for the Sunday before the 4th:

On the actual 4th of July we celebrated with our usual. Our usual is going downtown to the city’s parade. Over the years we have been less and less excited by the events offered there. It makes sense though, when you’re pregnant and/or you have a bunch of little kids plopping down on the sidewalk and watching the parade going by is nice. The kids stay in one place, the entertainment comes to you, and it’s fun. Through the years the parade gets less exciting. The prices for rides gets higher as the kids get bigger and want to do the bigger ones that cost more tickets. And the scope of other things we could be doing gets greater because I’m not pregnant and the we are able to do more things with a little bit older of kids. So I’m planning on changing it up next year. Anyway, here are our pictures from this year:



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