Kinkaid Sand Dunes

Another gorgeous day in Anchorage! Thomas’ favorite way to spend a sunny day is at the sand dunes and it’s pretty high on my list too. I like the sand dunes because it is rarely very crowded. With four littles I am always concerned with crowd density and if I can easily look around and be able to spot my kids. There is a short hike through the woods to get to the dune.

The hike tends to be super fun on the way there when everyone is pumped up, and more of a drag on the way back when everyone is worn out.

We went to our usual spot, the back side where the cliff is. Stuart went down, and gave up on the way back up. Grandpa rescued little the poor guy.

Not long after I unfolded our picnic blanket and made myself comfy Chase made a series of choices that required him to come sit in timeout on my lap. He had to sit there until he was ready to be nice, say what he had done wrong, and say sorry to the person he hurt. Well like what regularly happens when a preschooler is in timeout, he was having none of it. So he sat on my lap and sat and sat. He screamed, he cried, he told me just how mean I am, he just sat some some more but he wasn’t giving in. At one point the thought flashed through my head that, “Well this sucks, we are in a gorgeous place and supposed to be having so much fun, and instead I’m sitting here dealing with this… again.” But then almost instantly, another thought came to me.” There is no better place to be dealing with a tantrum. I’m sitting here in this beautiful sunshine in the middle of this beautiful scenery. I know I end up dealing with a few tantrums a day, so I am so lucky it’s happening here and now. Much more enjoyable than the grocery store.”

After a long 40 minutes, he had a change of attitude and was able to get up and have fun. 

Hiking up this sand dune is exhausting. (The kids love repeatedly running and jumping down the dune, then climbing back up.) It’s perfect because it wears ’em out. Everyone including me is ready for a nap when we get home.


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