Lyn Ary to Westchester Lagoon

We’re still elated Thomas is riding a bike and enjoying it so I’m trying to take him on a lot of bike rides the summer to help his confidence stick. This time we went  for an evening ride from Lyn Ary Park to Westchester Lagoon. I love these downtown parks where you start at a park and end at a park because the kids love it the entire time. When we first got there the kids enjoyed the tire swing:

Once the rest of the family arrived, we took off towards Westchester Lagoon. James with a bike trailer carrying Stuart, Thomas and Kaiya riding by themselves, Chase learning to ride a petal bike with me running beside him.

With me giving so much attention to trying to teach Thomas the last couple of years (That story here.) Chase hasn’t been worked with on riding much. He loves his balance bike but isn’t enthusiastic about pedaling so he usually always rides his pedal bike. I couldn’t believe how fast he zoomed off on his pedal bike tonight.

He just got it instantly. The only thing is he gets tired of pedaling and then quits pedaling, so we will continue to work at that. But wow I am impressed. He’s definitely our fastest to learn yet, not even a fall or a skinned elbow. About half way there Grandma and Grandpa came and gave him a lift in their bike trailer. We arrived at Westchester Lagoon and played for a little bit.

On the way back Chase still did amazing, made it about half way before he needed a ride. James and the kids in his trailer made it back to Lyn Ary then came back to find us.

Kaiya got tired right at the end and so we all took a break and looked at this amazing view of the mudflats, the inlet, and the Sleeping Lady.

Before we knew it we had made it back to Lyn Ary and Thomas had climbed into a tree.

This was a great night. Boy am I proud of my biking children. They have come so far. I’m looking forward to family bike rides someday where even I get to ride!

Lyn Ary Park Review:

I like this park because it has always been pretty quiet and uncrowded when we go. There’s some unique play equipment including a tire swing, a pirate ship, and a rock wall. There is a big beautiful grassy field to picnic and run in and in the lower parts of the park there is are sports fields. I love that it connects to other parks via paved paths so that thinks like stroller walks and bike rides can be a part of coming to this park. There is a small wooden barrier between the park and the street that I like because it gives my kids a visual boundary of where to the road is. Pictures of Lyn Ary Park:

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