Point Woronzof for Family Night

Since the weather has been gorgeous still, we headed out to Point Woronzof for Family Home Evening. Our FHEs are typically very structured with prayers, a song, and a lesson and honestly they aren’t always fun. So this summer I decided that if the weather was nice and we could have some fun with dad outside, we would do that for FHE. Summer is so short in Alaska that I really feel the need to get out on those nice days.

Although James and I, and possibly Thomas had been to Point Woronzof, the kids hadn’t been before and were excited to go to an Alaskan beach. James and I both had to tell the kids in multiple ways how different this “beach” was going to be compared with the ones we were just at in Orlando this month. Nevertheless, Kaiya grabbed her swimsuit as she raced to the van.

Though there was no white sand nor warm water the kids were quite pleased when we arrived. They spent the first while chucking rocks in the water.

Then we ate our FHE treat of apple pie. Chase announced he doesn’t eat apple pie. I had no idea… I think it’s new, but I’m making note of it here in hopes of remembering in the future. Stuart engaged in one of his favorite activities: eating sand.

And the kids made an enormous pile of “special” rocks they wanted to bring home. These rocks befuddled me because they looked completely ordinary. I tried to ask the kids what made them special but they just looked at me like it was so obvious. I told them they could only bring back what they could carry. (I was thinking they could carry a total of two rocks each. I am so tired of stepping on rocks in our house as they bring home these “special” treasures daily.) Thomas and Kaiya proved me wrong by filling Chase’s pockets with rocks and stuffing their pocketless pants full of rocks too.

All in all it was a good way to spend time together.

Trail Review: Point Worzonof
Parking is easily accessible no pass required. Once you have parked it is a very short  walk down to the “beach”. There is a cliff to one side, and a it is quite steep as you’re walking to and from the parking lot, it wasn’t too worrisome though because the trail is super wide. The “beach” is not stroller friendly, I don’t think my double bob would have done well. The nice thing it’s such a short walk you probably don’t need a stroller. I brought a blanket for us to sit on, and it was super uncomfortable. I would recommend camping chairs if you don’t mind carrying them up the steep walk back to the parking lot.

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