Bear at Ruth Arcand

We went to play at Ruth Arcand Park and had to leave due to a bear sighting. I was a little bummed because we didn’t actually see the bear and we had to leave at a time my kids were occupied and having fun. Thomas was successfully biking laps around the park which was amazing because he had finally, yesterday, after all of these years just started enjoying bike riding! (That story here.)

Luckily for us as we pulled out of the playground we stumbled across the bear and got to watch him for a minute from safety of our car. The kids were thrilled and even Stuart came home talking excitedly saying “bear”.

Park Review: Ruth Arcand
Ruth Arcand is one of my favorite parks in Anchorage, and one that I make sure we hit every summer. I like it because it is rarely busy and surrounded by nature. The playground equipment is pretty simple. I find that when we go to this park my kids pretty quickly finish playing on the equipment and go on to other things. There is a big wide open field where they’ll play games with their friends. There is a big enticing hill with fallen trees where they can “explore”. There is a no-longer-functioning paved exercise circuit where the kids can ride their bikes. And there is a covered picnic table area that be used unless it’s already been rented out for a function.

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