Church in Orlando

I’m not sure why, but we have never went to church while on vacation. I know many people do this, but I never considered us showing up at a random church service. I guess maybe it’s because on vacation I feel the need to pack something fun and extraordinary into every single day of the trip.

We went to the closest service in Orlando, at the 1:00 pm session, because we needed to sleep in, we were on vacation! What we found when we went was not a surprise. We found a congregation of older people and young families, a nursery that Stuart was happy to go to, and a Relief Society with a quirky-warm president who exuded love. In short, it felt like home.

I am glad we went. Being there reminded me that there are Christians who gather all over the world to worship each Sunday. The kids had a great time and were excited to be sang to as the visitors. Most of all, it warms my soul to keep the Sabbath Day holy, even on vacation.

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